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Tie down inspection

          Local Home Inspection LLC (Pasco County, FL) is providing relaiable tie down inspection in Tampa Bay area with complete satisfaction. Manufactured Homes are built from 1976 and on when the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standards became effective. The HUD standards improved the quality, safety, and energy efficiency of the homes.


Local Home Inspection LLC has certified and licensed home inspectors to assist you with your general mobile home and tie-down inspection in Tampa Bay, FL. The most common reason for this type of inspection is for an FHA or VA financing/loan, which the tie downs must comply with FHA and HUD requirements. Some cases it is also a requirement for some insurance carriers before insuring mobile homes. We as a local home inspectors can help you providing this service at affordable cost.

During a tie-down inspection, we check the main components of a tie-down such as ground anchors & a tension mechanism.  The tie down inspection report contains detailed information collected during the inspection with photographs and other associated information. Both buyers and sellers can benefit from this inspection. Sellers can use our service to sell their houses faster, as a certified inspection report can keep the buyers confident about the house. 

To conduct a structural inspection for determining:

  • If the Manufactured home is permanently tied down, and

  • That the home would not float off the piers or foundation,

  • That the drainage of the house will not flood the crawlspace or basement.


There are two different types of inspections. The main one is the Permanent Foundation Inspection and the other is for additions, decks, porches, alterations. Your lender will know which of the inspections you will need to be done.  Feel free to contact Honor Services if we can be of assistance we would be happy to help with your Manufactured Home tie-down inspection and certification.

Please confirm with your lender whether they need 'addition certification' in addition to a regular tie down/foundation certification and confidently call us to schedule an appointment.

Thank you.

Nasir Uddin

Home Inspector



please ask your lender if they need an addition certification as well..

Local Home Inspection 863-513-9426.



To have your mobile home inspected by certified, trained, licensed & experienced home inspectors please call us today

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