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Commercial Building Inspections

From roof to foundation, a commercial building inspectors of the Local Home Inspection LLC (Pasco County, FL) will check a building’s health in its entirety. Buying a commercial building/property is one of the biggest investment for many investors. Before a purchase is made, a real estate agent or purchase manager may order a building inspection and report, which provides the most neccessary information about the property needed to make an informed decision on the property.

Correct commercial building inspection will highlight the true condition (damages, areas of concerns) of a property and the costs required to repair it. But what, exactly, will a commercial building inspector look for during an inspection? Qualified (licensed, certified and trained) building inspectors of Local Home Inspection LLC will perform a thorough/detail inspection and provide inspection reports so you can make a decision about your purchase.

What is a commercial building?

A commercial building is a building or structure located on a parcel of commercial real estate. These buildings are intended to generate profit, either from capital gain or rental income. Commercial buildings are usually divided between five categories: Office Buildings, Retail/Restaurant, Multifamily Dwellings, Land and Miscellaneous.

Some examples of commercial buildings and properties include:

  • Multifamily Housing                                                                         

  • Condominiums

  • Warehouses

  • Convenience Stores

  • Hotels and Lodging

  • Malls

  • Medical Office Suites

  • Mixed-use Buildings

  • Cafes

  • Office Buildings

  • Residential Units (ARB&B)

  • Restaurants

  • Shopping Centers

  • Storage Facilities

  • Strip Malls

To have your property inspected by certified, trained, licensed & experienced home inspectors please call us today

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