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4/Four Point Inspections

        WE ARE LOCAL'. We understand Four Point Inspections better since we have experience in writing Homeowners Insurance Policies with multiple insurance carriers. As of September 30, 2012, "all inspection forms must be inspected and completed by a verifiable Florida-licensed professional. Without a verifiable, certified inspector’s dated signature, the form will not be accepted. We (Local Home Inspection LLC, Pasco County, FL) as InterNACHI certified and state of Florida licensed home inspectors are confidently providing Four Point Inspection services in our service area (Tampa-Orlando-Lakeland-Dade City-Avon Park).

Typically, if your house is more than 15/20 years old an insurance carrier can require you to have a four-point inspection and shouldn’t be confused with a general home inspection (ie. real estate inspection, general home inspection). 4/Four Point inspection takes about 35-45 minutes depending on the size of the house and it's accesibility. 

Four-point inspections identify key areas that most commonly result in insurance claims. If a home fails all or part of the inspection, the inspector will go over what needs to be fixed or replaced to alleviate deficiencies.

area we inspect:

Electrical system:

Part of our electrical inspection we check for copper, aluminum, or knob-and-tube wires and as well as double taps. Faulty wires cause most of residential fires, so this is something insurance companies take very seriously. 


Inspectors at the type of pipes in your home to determine how likely they are to burst. If polybutylene plumbing is found coverage can be denied as these are more prone to bursting. However, some insurance companies may still insure you, but will exclude water damage. In that scenario, if there is a flood due to pipes bursting, you are 100 percent responsible for the total expense.

HVAC system:

Overall condition of the HVAC system and functionalities are checked during the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system inspeciton.

Roofing System:

Roof age, material, and condition are what inspectors look for. Generally, insurance companies determine what age of the is acceptable according to their guidelines. However, if your roof is newer but has apparent damage outside or water leaks inside your home insurance company might deny coverage.

To have your four point inspection done by certified, trained, licensed & experienced home inspectors please call us today

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