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Haines City Home Inspection, FL

        Whether you are buying, selling or investing your first home or your third vacation home, Local Home Inspections LLC-FL provides unparalleled and maximum attention to detail with your best interest. As part of our home inspection process we check twice of your property from pillar to post to have you win max home inspection result.


       We provide home inspection services in Haines City, Lakeland, Bartow, Poinciana, Kissimmee, Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Tampa, Davenport, Dover, Polk City, Lithia, Dade City, Orlando and many cities around Florida. Our General & Commercial Home Inspections are non-invasive, visual walkthrough assessment of the property and its components. We inspect the quality of safely accessible components and systems while looking for damage or defects, issues and potential hazards of the house. When we write our inspection report, identified defects are broken down into 3 major categories: Minor, Major and Materials of the property. 

Minor Defects are usually more of a maintenance and repair items and not an urgent repair such as a missing doorstop or a hairline crack in the driveway. Paying attention to minor defects help buyers from loosing more in the future. Major Defect is one that is a potential safety concern, such as a trip hazard from tree roots or an item which needs evaluated or fixed as early as possible like a settlement crack on the wall, leaks on the roof, and plumbing leak etc. And material Defect is an imminent safety concern, such as a deck which isn’t secure or electric issues which pose a fire hazard. Thank you.

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